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Oklahoma Portrait Photographer: What to Wear for Women

I often get asked about what my female clients should wear to their sessions. I have an email that I send to all of my clients with basic information, but here are a few tips you may not know!

  • Vertical lines are important! If you want to look taller in a photo, a V-neck shirt will make your neck appear longer. One of my favorite trends this summer was when my clients wore Maxi dresses with vertical designs down the front! It automatically makes you look thinner, and taller! Also, layering a v-neck tank and a v-neck cardigan or jacket can create a taller and thinner look.
  • As a result, horizontal lines tend make you look shorter! I’m not just referring to striped fabrics . . . shirts that contrast with your bottom piece (trousers or skirt), that cut straight across the hips, for example, tend to make your hips look wider. Likewise, that off the shoulder blouse that feels flirty and sexy might look great in person, but not so great when it isn’t moving because it will create a horizontal line across your chest and arms.
In real life, when you are moving around, lines are less important than they are in a still image. The same is true with color. I am someone who loves to wear black . . . but the camera doesn’t read black like the eye reads black! What looks great in person, may not look nearly as good in a still image. The same goes with white . . . white will reflect any color around it, so if your Significant Other is wearing a bright blue shirt, your shirt will look baby blue . . . but just where it is near that shirt. Sitting on the grass? Yep, the green will also reflect on the white. As a result, your shirt may look every color but white – and those colors may not flatter you.
  • It is true that darker colors will make you look thinner. That means you should go for a dark wash on your jeans, for example. It doesn’t mean you should wear black jeans! Stick to intensely colored items – bright red, fuchsia, deep blue, etc. tend to be more flattering than their pastel counterparts.
  • I LOVE it when my clients wear dresses! However, where your skirt hits your legs can affect how tall or short the outfit makes you look. As a general rule, go long (either floor length, or ankle length), or go knee length (hitting just at the top of the knee) for the most flattering  look. Mini-skirts, although adorable on teenagers, can make your thighs look larger in a photo because they create a horizontal line across the legs.
  • Even if you normally wear flats, you might want to borrow some heels for your photos. You can take them off in between photos, but heels will lengthen your legs, and make you look taller and thinner. Also, our posture tends to be better when we wear heels . . . and let’s face it, we all feel a little bit more Diva when we are rockin’ high heels!
  • Generally, when it comes to patterns, avoid very small patterns, and very large patterns. If you want to wear a pattern, limit it to one item (like a shirt or jacket), and mix it with solid colors.
  • If you hate the way your arms look, a shrug, or cropped cardigan is a great solution! It covers your arms, but lets you wear that adorable v-neck sleeveless sheath dress, or maxi dress, that makes you feel so great!
  •  Finally, feeling great really does matter. If you don’t have clothes that make you feel great, ask friends if you can borrow clothes for the day, or visit discount stores! If you plan in advance, you should be able to find clothes that make you feel your best in front of the camera.
If you are at a loss as to what to wear, just throw everything that you might want to wear into your car and bring it to the session. Include shoes, and accessories like necklaces, etc. I would love to help you put together the outfits, so you will feel confident about the way you look in your portraits! Don’t hesitate to let me know about areas of concern; if I know, for example, that you don’t like your tummy – I will be sure to pose you in ways that will be most flattering to that area. The bottom line is that if you don’t look good, I don’t look good. We are in the process together, and I will do everything I can do to make you feel great about your portraits!
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