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In Praise of the Bump: Oklahoma Maternity Portrait Photographer

Among my favorite family photos is a picture of my mom and my brother. It is just a snapshot, but in it, my mom is very, very pregnant with me. I love that view into her life before I was born; seeing her as she was before I entered her life and changed everything!

I think that is why I am always excited to do Maternity photo sessions, along with newborns (and by newborn, I mean . . . stop by on your way home from the hospital . . . or at least in the first ten days!) I imagine that someday the child will look at these beautiful photos of their young mother and see a view into her life before they came along. For those very new newborn shots .  . . when the child is so new that they still curl into that beautiful shape they took in the womb; it is another view into that bond with their mother.

This week, I had the great privilege to photograph Lindsay, who is in her eighth month of pregnancy. She is due December 24th.

One thing I really loved about Lindsay is that she has piercings and tattoos . . . the very image of the young modern mother, wouldn’t you say? I wonder how her kids will look back and possibly think she was “old-fashioned”, but you know they will, because kid’s do.¬† This is Lindsay’s first baby, and they are very excited. They are having a girl, but are keeping their name choices a secret, which I kind of like! That should be a private decision for the parents.

I walked in with some sample photos to show Lindsay to get a feel for what she wanted and felt comfortable in, and she said, “Oh, I’m up for anything!” Music to any photographer’s ears! We shot these photos in her master bedroom, and then in their back yard. It was a fairly fast photo shoot, and the only glitch was that I completely forgot how to refold my flex backdrop! I cheated and just folded it partly down until I could get home and look online for the instructions! I wrote them down and put them inside the carrier so that I won’t forget next time!! At least no one fell off a horse in this shoot!

To see the photos in this series, click on the photo below, and then click on the right side of each photo to cycle through the set. Enjoy!

Tera Leigh Photography
P h o t o g r a p h y
D e s i g n
W r i t i n g
C l i e n t s